Location of MTR

The Melghat nestling in the Satpuda hill ranges of Forsythls and Dunbar’s Central India with vast tracts of inviolate natural forests consisting of unique and representative ecosystems with rich Bio-diversity and varied habitats offered by deep valleys (locally known as Khoras) and high hills (locally known as Ballas), daunted with rivers and nallahs having water all the year round in the “Doh” was the natural choice for the community of foresters in Maharashtra, when it came to choose an area for preserving it for posterity and for ensuring that the ‘Tiger’ the most magnificent and royal of the wild species, could sustain a viable population and survive for the eternity. The Management plan for Melghat Tiger Reserve has been sanctioned by the Government for the period 2014-15 to 2023-24. The working in Melghat Tiger Reserve is being carried out as per the sanctioned Management plan.


Situated in the Satpura hill ranges of Central India, Melghat Tiger Reserve lies in Melghat Forests of Amravati district in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra bordering Madhya Pradesh in the North and East. Its area is geographically located as given below.

  • Latitude: Between 210 151 N and 210 451 N
  • Longitude: Between 760 571 E and 770 301 E
  • Altitude: 312M to 1178 M above MSL

Administratively, the area of Gugamal National Park, Melghat Sanctuary and Wan Sanctuary falls in Dharni and Chikhaldara Tahsils of Amravati District, Ambabarwa Sanctuary falls in Sangrampur Tahsil of Buldhana District and Narnala Sanctuary is in Akot Tahsil of Akola District.  For control and Management purpose, the area of the Critical Tiger Habitat is included in three Wildlife divisions, namely; Sipna Wildlife Division, Paratwada, Gugamal Wildlife Division, Paratwada and Akot Wildlife Division, Akot.



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