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               Melghat Tiger Reserve is approachable by air, railways as well as roads.  The nearest air port is Nagpur which is about 255 kms.  from Semadoh. Semadoh is the most well known, centrally located village of the Melghat Tiger Reserve.   The nearest railway station is Badnera located in the central railway zone on Mumbai-Kolkata route.   The distance from Badnera to Semadoh is about 110 kms.  Other noteworthy entry points for the Melghat forests is through Harisal and Akot which are located on Amravati-Dharni State highway no. 6 and Akot-Harisal State highway no. 204 respectively.  On the Northern side, the nearest railway station is at Khandwa which is at a distance of 75 kms. from Harisal.  Other major habitation/locations in the area are Jarida, Tarubanda, Chaurakund, Rangubeli, Hatru, Gadga, Bhandum and the villages from core Dhargad, Kelpani, Rora, Semadoh, Madizadap, Chopan, Pili, Somthana (K), Somthana (B), Talai, Ambabarwa, Rohankhidki, Pastalai, Mangia, Memna, Malur, Gullarghat, Dolar, Adhav, Raipur, Chunkhedi, Makhla, and Dhakna. These places are connected by state bus service with a frequency    varying from 1 to 3 visits per day.

               Almost all villages in the Melghat area have been connected with road network. Some roads have been tarred.  Therefore, in fair season communication is easy barring internal roads which are either murum or earthen roads.  However in rainy season some of these roads get washed away at the cross drainages when the streams running across them are in spate. This renders some of the roads difficult to tread and consequently, some portion of the Reserve becomes inaccessible during rainy season.   In Melghat wireless network has been strengthened from time to time.  Illegal tree cutting has increased to some extent due to the increased road network.  It has posed danger to wildlife also, as threat perception for illicit trade in wild animals and their products has increased. Check gates and barriers have been installed and made operational on all entry points to the Reserve with a view to regulate the entry of visitors and also keep a check on illegal and suspicious intruders in the area.

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